We are based in Poland, Europe, where we handpick & source all of our items. Since 2019 we have been a verified and trusted retailer on platforms such as Depop, Asos Marketplace, Etsy and Grailed. In 2023, we have decided to go bigger and badder than ever before - for the first time, we are sharing our unique stock with other sellers.

No more random wholesale selections. We want to give you an opportunity of creating your dream bundle. You get to decide exactly what you are going to get!


how does it work?

simply select your favourite items and add them to your cart
have a fav aesthetic, but don't have much time? check out our pre-made bundles
if you lack inspiration, borrow some of ours. we organised it for you!
get surprised with variety of stock selected by us
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or make your own bundle:

meet us 👋🏻

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: owner

    graduate: BA Photography

    hobby: pole dance, movies, art

    fav aesthetics: y2k, Bella Hadid

    fav drink: prosecco, red wine

    fav emoji: 🙈

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: owner

    graduate: BA Popular Music

    hobby: techno, travels, fifa

    fav aesthetics: 90s cyber rave

    fav drink: margarita, craft beer

    fav emoji: 🤣

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: photo editor, model

    graduate: BA Graphic Design

    hobby: electro music, tv shows

    fav aesthetics: y2k

    fav drink: margarita

    fav emoji: 💜

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: content proofreader

    graduate: BSc Psychology

    hobby: old cartoons, cats

    fav aesthetics: 60s

    fav drink: piña colada

    fav emoji: 👀

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: platforms coordinator

    graduate: MA Music

    hobby: cinema, asmr, old chairs

    fav aesthetics: dark fairy grunge

    fav drink: daiquiri

    fav emoji: 🍄

  • pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale


    role: social media freak, model

    graduate: MA Medicine

    hobby: cooking, travelling

    fav aesthetics: gorpcore, archive

    fav drink: sour beer

    fav emoji: 🥴


& tell us more about you

tell us what are your favourite aesthetics, what you are looking for or how much stock do you need 💘

pliswholesale vintage y2k wholesale

sustainability 🌎

We strongly believe in the sustainble potential of vintage fashion. Through the purchase and resale of second-hand and vintage clothing, we can prevent a tons of clothes from ending up in landfills. Reusing vintage garments helps our planet by reducing the demand for fast fashion products.

So, let's explore the world of the 90s and Y2K vintage fashion together! ♻️